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Privacy Policy

NAIST NET is intended to serve as a reliable and satisfactory communication website for its Members (alumni of NAIST) to share useful information, by providing them with excellent services and content. To this end, NAIST NET takes the following precautions for proper protection and handling of personal information of Members.

  1. NAIST NET controls personal information of Members appropriately.
  2. When requesting a Member to submit personal information, NAIST NET collects only relevant information upon notification of the purpose of use of that information.
  3. NAIST NET uses the information provided by the Member to the extent to which the Member has consented.
  4. NAIST NET does not disclose any personal information of the Member to any third party, except when prior consent by the Member has been obtained, when the operation of the Service is contracted out, or for any other good reason.
  5. NAIST NET ensures/enhances security for safe control of personal information.
  6. NAIST NET complies with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information Held by Independent Administrative Agencies, etc. and other regulations, while continuing to improve its efforts to protect personal information in response to changes in circumstances.